My early works address gender issues through theatrically staged photographs and videos, which are inspired by realities I have been introduced to. With an interest in cultural studies, I delved into post-colonial studies and started thinking of the notion of identification on a broader spectrum- that of a global phenomenon motivated by concurrent ideologies. Being simultaneously familiar and distant with the culture I am assimilated to, my work aims to remap the idea of a North-South/East-West culture shock. By using different optical mediums, I transport the viewer into an exploration of cultural identity, questioning the socially accepted symbols and frames of references that shape the given identity. My work, very much like post modernism’s deconstruction of socio cultural understanding, is a journey into the de-contextualization of codes and conduct and the reshaping of accepted belief, which inherently injects emotions of doubt, fear, confusion, angst, and discomfort – all emotions that oil the wheel of thought and perspective. Through the use of visually pleasing mass multimedia installations, I am able to translate thought into experience, offering a fluid platform for reflection. Consequently, this investigation into the processes of identification can be seen as social determinism and perhaps results in personal acculturation.

I have always strongly rejected stereotypical identities and ache for a world that showcases different voices that communicate the individuality that lies within our sole identity- humanity. This has also led me to participate in multiple curating projects, notably, for the Awiiily Collective, which I founded. Through my photography and curatorial experience, I aim to provide a platform for young artists to express their personal truths of a humane inner struggle that aims to break boundaries while gaining recognition for being the imperfect human we are. The evolution of my work aligns itself with my personal evolution that is watered and nurtured through researches.