MASTERMIND ed 5 Apr 08 - 30 2016

 MASTERMIND ed 5 Apr 08 - 30 2016

The process of cultural assimilation is not just a question of social determinism. It is also linked to the democratization of information through new technologies and intra- and transnational migration.

Hybridizations of mentalities result, therefore, from hybridizations of self-images. From our identities according to their context.

Artists question post-colonial and anti-capitalist discourses in a globalized society, including the ruins of the tribal economy that stifle the democratic process. They also question the phallocracy, racism and clanism at the national level, their repercussions internationally - and vice versa.

Often sarcastic, sometimes creaky, or just contemplative, the artists in this exhibition tell us about the "normative" and sometimes dehumanizing restrictions they experience in Morocco and abroad.

Youssef OUCHRA-warship

, solo show fev 08 -march 30 2016
curator: yasmine laraqui

Gallery and art direction: GVCC - ANNE LAURENCE SOWAN, MEHDI HADJ KHALIFA and dounia beurthner

Youssef Ouchra - paix cure final 2.jpg