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2016 - Self sabotage as an emancipatory principle

The concept of self-sabotage is to be understood as our main alter-ego. Many self-entrepreneurs, especially younger ones, may agree.

I started my first artistic non-profit job at 21, and for almost nine years now, I had to improvise on slippery professional grounds that I did not know, and worse; where jealousy, low blows and the destruction of reputation (e or IRL) were the favourite weapons of my competitors (which I did not even know how to identify).

The idea of this article is not so much to go back to the fact that setting up businesses, when we are still young students, is a risky thing - and I think that the initiative should never be stopped (and, if everything had to be done again, I would probably do it with as much naivety and daring audacity). The idea is really to define self-sabotage as an emancipatory principle.

Our generation, the Y, is being criticized at all costs and more than wrongly by any purist of the legacy of the post-baby boomer workforce model. They are wrong. They are wrong because they do not realize that we are, given the current geopolitical situation, a generation "test", the beta of the twenty-first century. In short; a sacrificed generation.

The good news is that the era we are in is experiencing so many changes related to the technological revolution, that we are allowed (even recommended) to invent all possible business models concerning a socio-technological sector. -globalized given. The bad news is that many institutions are struggling to anticipate behavioral changes and are slowing down the profitability of new forms of business.

(we know the song, 90% of startups fail: having a great idea is worthless if it is not carried out so that it brings big profits.)

But as I often say, if you're afraid to go wrong or fail, don't even run!

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