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About Yasmine


Yasmine Laraqui is a curator and a visual artist born in 1989 in Casablanca. She holds a BFA from ENSA Paris-Cergy (2012), an MFA from School of Visual Arts, NYC (2014), Currently lives in Paris.

Yasmine has developed an interest in curating shows when she was an art student. Her personal work has been shown between 2009 and 2015 in France, Morocco, the U.S, Netherlands, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Italy and China for exhibitions, fairs, and biennales including the Marrakech Biennale, Photo L.A, and PhotoMed Festival amongst others. 
Yasmine also co-founded Youth's Talking and Awiiily (2010-2014), two independent curatorial structures promoting non-conformist international artists, with an emphasis on emerging Moroccan artists. 

In 2016, she's mostly dedicated her time to researching, art curating and corporate creative directions.  

Yasmine Laraqui has opened Dasthe Art Space and Agency in Casablanca in September 2017. The institution aims to promote local and international emerging artists through a monthly curated exhibition 

Yasmine Laraqui est une commissaire d'expositions et artiste pluridisciplinaire née en 1989 à Casablanca. Après avoir obtenu un DNAP en arts multimedia au Beaux arts de Cergy-Paris en 2012, en France, elle s’installe à New York où elle obtient un Master en photographie et vidéo de la School Of Visual Arts en 2014.

Le travail de Yasmine Laraqui a été exposé en France, au Maroc, aux U.S, Hollande, Canada, Espagne, Suède, Italie et Chine lors d’expositions, foires et biennales, notamment à la biennale de Marrakech, Photo L.A et le Festival PhotoMed.